Belinda in Berlin!

Belinda in Berlin!
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Skipped a night’s sleep last night and walked to Elephant and Castle at about 3am, caught the night bus to Victoria, the Gatwick Express to, well, Gatwick and the an easyJet to Berlin. Then a couple of trains and then walked to my hostel and got there about 11am. Had a little nap and then set out for the Jewish Museum. The Jewish museum is definitly worth seeing; one of the main features is the building itself. In a word, I’d say weird. The architect wanted to give the visitor the feeling of the disjointed, nonsensical history of Jews in Germany and I’d say he’s achieved his purpose. There are corridors and staircases that lead to nowhere, walls without a purpose, zig-zaggy areas. But those poor old Jews definitly got the bad end of the stick – they`ve had a hard time since the beginning of Germany virtually. It’s horrible, particularly in recent history, the lengths authorities went to ensure the stigmatisation of the Jews. In some cases, even hatred. Propaganda everywhere encouraging things like boycotting Jewish businesses in order to `support Germany`and saying Jews were worthless or that they bring bad luck etc. There are even occasions in history where the authorities have spread rumours about Jews killing children etc. And what`s worse is that the general public seems to accept this – this works. Makes one wonder about the power our circumstances have over the way we think and act.


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