Traumatised at the Clink

Traumatised at the Clink
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Had a job interview today for working with charity. Sounds okay, I’ll find out soon if I was sucessful or not. Went the scenic route home; had a look at Australia House, near Temple. Doesn’t really look all that dramatically Australian but it’s an impressive building anyway. Down the road from Australia House is this other really old House/Art Gallery/Museum called Sommerset House. Not all that exciting but there was a rather lovely photographic exhibition of London on. The grounds out the back are quite dramatic; the sky was overcast and a pale grey, which nearly blended in with the huge, old, grey stone building that surrounds the pale grey ground. Went to the Clink Prison Museum near Borough Markets after this, which was rather interesting. A prison had been on that site from about 1066 I believe – women mainly, men weren’t imprisoned for another hundred years or so, but they too were later imprisoned on this site. Apparently, trials are a relatively new invention – before trials began, the English had other ways of determining whether someone was guilty or not. One of these was by making someone walk three yards with a firey metal pole in their hands; if a few days later, their hands were not blistered, then they were innocent. Or there was the other method of throwing them into the Thames (I’m assuming people couldn’t swim so well back then.) If they sunk, they were innocent. Ooops! Or, for the more honourable people, they’d battle it out, and whoever won, was obviously innocent! The otherone usually died. Also on display were examples of balls and chains, a chastity belt, a lead spiky collar, a thumb crusher and a boot foot crusher. (The foot crusher was this large iron boot they’d put your foot in and fill with wood and oil so the wood expanded and crushed one’s foot. They’d then put the whole thing over burning coals so the entire foot would fall off! Lovely. This is our predessesors I’m talking about! I left that museum a little traumatised to say the least! Last day in London for a little while, tomorrow Berlin! Woo hoo!


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