For a white person

For a white person
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Went to the Salvation Army Corps on Oxford Street this morning. Had an interesting conversation with a 56 year old woman who has been living in London since she left her home in Jamaica when she was eleven. She was dressed beautifully from head to toe and where there wasn’t some sort of bling shining away, there was a thick layer of carefully applied makeup. We just chatted for a while when she said to me, “You have a beautiful complexion.” “Thank you”, I smiled. “Yours is quite lovely itself.” “I am black – of course I have nice skin. What I mean is you have beautiful skin – for a white person.You must have something in you – are you Asian?” “No, no, just Australian. “Spanish, Italian?” “No. We’ve been in Australia just about since the first fleet.” “Oooh – convicts!” “Ha ha yeah, but we’ve done our time.” “Some white people have terrible skin,” she went on. “Look at that lady” she said, pointing to a lady in the corner with a fair complexion and pink cheeks. “And white people, they try to change it – they lie in the sun and make themselves look even worse! They need to realise, it’s between them and God. Why did God make me fat? Why did God make me short sighted? Why did God give me these teeth? This is between me and God. Why are they made with bad white skin? That is between them and God.” The corps was nice, actually rather friendly. Spoke to and was introduced to a few people and the (Kiwi) youth leader came and spoke to me and invited me to tonight’s event – A High School Musical 3 Night, which was politely declined. I told them I’d see them next week.


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