Put People First

Put People First
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Today I joined in on the Put People First movement. It’s a movement in advance of next week’s G20 summit – from what I can understand a series of meetings with the twenty most powerful people in the world in attendance. The theme is Work, Climate, Justice. The day stated out in Westminster Methodist Church, a rather beautiful high domed and ornately decorated church, however slighly less so than it’s neighboring and better known relative, the Westminster Abbey. There was an ecumenical service for justice held there, bringing together a few hundred supporters, including all sorts of religious leaders. Salvo Commissioner Elizabeth Matear led a prayer segment.The emphasis was on how we have been living beyond our means financially and environmentally and how this is affecting people already living in poverty. After the service, we joined up with about 35 000 people for the protest march through London, ending up in Hyde Park. Someone put a Tear Fund placard in my hand which felt a little silly to be fair (Tear who??) but I carried it faithfully through to the end. 🙂 I saw some Salvo ones around. There were loud speakers with all the familiar catch phrases and some new ones, as well as news crew abounding, and I had one rather narrow escape, when a lady put a microphone under the girl next to me’s mouth and started interviewing her, thank goodness! I bailed after we reached Hyde Park, there was going to be a rally and music and stuff, but it was freezing and looking like rain, so that’s where my fighting spirit retired for the day and I hit Oxford St. and then made my way back. More social conscience activities tonight, as it’s World Earth Day. Apparently Tower Bridge is being turned off for an hour, so I’m going to go out to see that. Hooray for an Aussie environmental inititive reaching here!


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