Climbing Monumen

Climbing Monumen
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

I climbed all 311 steps of Monument today. Monument is this stone pylon thing in the middle of London that was built in memory of all the people who died in the great fire. It’s not bad, the view is nice, though not as good as St. Pauls and probably the London Eye neither, but it was quite fun all the same. I also had a walk down the the International Headquarters of the Salvation Army and had a coffee there. They have an exibition of paintings by a guy all based on social justice, paintings of people affected by war and the like. One of the descriptions had the words “Compassion is no substitute for justice” which stuck out to me. Tonight went out with two of the guys from the Hostel to the British Film Institute. Watched part of this very arty movie about Nazism I think? It was one of those ambiguous films that are kind of difficult to pin down exactly what it is all about.


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