Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Just arrived in my Hostel in Dubai. The flight over was really pleasant, I love Etihad now. Would absolutely recommend them. The Abu Dhabi airport was really cool looking, decorated in middle eastern style I suppose. For some reason, it was strange to have my passport stamped by a man in Emirati dress -white dress thing and red chequered headdress. Caught a bus from Abu Dhabi (the capital of the UAE) to Dubai, which took around an hour and a half. Slept most of it but opened my eyes for long enough to catch a quick glance at the Burj Al Arab, which, at over 300m high is apparently the world’s highest hotel. Didn’t ask them to stop – cheap rooms there are about $2000 a night. Caught a taxi from the bus stop. Taxis in the UAE are run by the RTA there, so they’re pretty good and legit. My driver was a bloke from Pakistan, he’d been here a few years and liked it in Dubai though admitted the roads are pretty crazy. I read somewhere actually that Dubai owns the unfortunate title of highest number of road related fatalities per capita in the world. He pointed out some of the sights to me on the way back but my highlight was a group of kids – maybe fifty of them – playing cricket – would have been close enough to 2am!


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